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The Locating Unlimited Online curriculum is an unrivaled online locator learning experience. Each student will receive access to this comprehensive curriculum which is comprised of 10 course segments:

  1. Energize
  2. Peak and Null
  3. Round Fields and Path of Least Resistance
  4. Frequencies and Current
  5. Vertical Inspection of the Field
  6. Horizontal Inspection of the Field
  7. Changing Current Levels
  8. Changing Field Shape
  9. Superior Results
  10. Endpoint

Some additional details include:

  • Each segment includes a video, 8-16 minutes in duration, plus a post assessment to ensure retention of the key points
  • The system will track the student's progress so each segment may be completed at the student's leisure
  • Upon completion of all segments the student will receive one personalized locating competency certificate from Staking U for permanent record
  • Reporting available for organizations who wish to track student progress
  • The requirements set by Staking U to award certification is a cumulative score of 93% or 25 out of 27 on the ten post-quiz assessments
  • Please fill out the contact report below and we'll respond as soon as possible! We're available to answer all questions regarding Online Locator Training.